Wednesday, January 30, 2008


"CHAMPIONS TAKE CHANCES AND PRESSURE IS A PRIVILEGE and today I took mine" -Maria Sharapova.

Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova the 2008 Australian Open champions.
My two favourite tennis players won the australian open!!!
May I say, well deserved win for both the players . Both competed on the tougher half of the draw and Sharapova had not drop a set in claiming the title, Djokovic only dropped one in the finals. Nevertheless, what a terrific win over tsonga and he derailed the FED ex ( federer) in the semis in straight sets .Maria blasted Henin off the court with a final set of 6-0. AMAZING...finally Maria Sharapova is back with a better serve. Last year, was a year of injuries for her but, this year in the aussie open she showed the world that she has finally recovered fully and by winning the first grandslam of the year without dropping a set, Maria Sharapova has once again proven what she is capable of achieving when she is 100% fit. Novak Djokovic on the other hand is rising to rule the men's tennis arena.

Then again this year's aussie open produced a new rising star, J.W.TSONGA the guy who aces like a bee and volleys like a butterfly that's what they call him. Still haha he lost to Novak...on a nerve wrecking tie breaker. LOVE this year's aussie open. INCREDIBLE tennis.What a start for these two incredibly talented players for year 2008. Full support to them for the year ahead.SOO OOO looking forward to WIMBLEDON...not the french open though..we all know who's gonna win there, most probably for women's, Henin and men's single nadal as usual. Oh wells, still Maria and Novak will rule. CHEERS!!!!!
oohh yahh HAPPY CNY everyone...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

21 finally Hit ME on 21st

Turning 21 on 21.. Cool right? Well, I had a great 21 with lotza cash babeh!!! Tiring but its all worth it. For a start , I went up to Genting on the 19th with a bunch of uni pals (li shian, shawn, audrey and sze leen) and had a great time. Then straight away zoomed down on the 20th for my open house b'day party at night and now I am exhausted on my b'day (today), soo I stayed home. Anyways , short of time for updates now. I will post the pics and updates on everything later. Signing off for now...

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Well well is about time to update..hehe ooo I did'nt notice my blog's anniversary. This bloggie is 1 year old dyy finally and I am gonna turn 21 soon. Sadness, 21 means more responsibility and minus 1 year of youth. Nothing to be happy or excited about, though I can have more freedom. Anyways, nothing much happened this past month. Spent my mid autumn fest at uni.. with my uni buddies. First time spending mid fest outta home and it was ok only. Sill miss the good
old times where tons of ppl gather at granma's to celebrate, eat and messing up the house. The pillow fights!!! MISS that a lot.... :-(
Uni started three weeks ago and I am enjoying the reading week now, more like shopping week for me. First week in uni was depressing and a pretty stressful one for most of us cuz of the optional modules but everything is set, its all about HARD work now!! Life in campus is boring but there is always a bunch of uni frens to make life less dull.
4 days in to the reading week and I had been out of the house non stop, soo many shopping to do and so little time.

Went to piramid the new phase. Total dissapointment, most of the shops there are still not ready.


Next day, went out for dinner in this very chick restaurant/bar call 7atenine with a couple of uni friends (audrey,shawn and li shian) and my cousin . After dinner, headed straight to skybar. Great night out excluding the fact that I got a little lost in the deserted carpark at traders hotel. The food quality and pricing at 7atenine was average , the ambience was GREAT!!! It was another great night out. Skybar of course has this magnificent night view of KL, great place to chill. No ALCOHOL for me!!! BAD DRINKER!!! Its all about enjoying the company and the music and the ambience. So can't comment much about the drinks, accept the mocktail i ordered taste more like a raspberry softdrink.


Next day, my room door got banged at 7 a.m, I hafta drag maself up for dimsum breakfast at OUG then I got the news that mum and her colleagues ponteng kerja that day. WAHAHAHA how can I miss the opportunity to shop with HER. We all zoomed to the gardens mid valley. Its sooo much better than the new phase of piramid. I love that place mann!! alexis is opening soon there, Italiannies is there already, right in front of the entrance is C.O.A.C.H, nearby there is a TAG store. Summo got Isetan and Robinsons. Habis lar me!!! I saw this really nice jeans at Levis... arghh I hafta control myself . I ended up with a pair of flip flops from REEFs for the day. All about self control and my pocket...


Next day, next stop was 1U with my high school pal, Rebecca. Since its raya and she is on hols from work. We decided to meet up to catch up a lil at the gardens at first but heard from a source that gardens was damm packed so change of destination, off we go to 1U. Bought LI SHIAN's very penguin present and dragged it around for the day.

I stopped by ESPRIT and this BLACK coat with a tee hanging underneath caught my eye and what happen next was a complete disaster!!!!!. I peeked at the price tag it says RM 100 and I tried to look for another price tag but there was none. I was lyke how can this be a hundred ringgit? I tried it on and completely fell for it. Rebecca and I was lyke OMG its sooooo worth buying lorr. I asked the staff there for an L size but they say there are only left with 2 Ms only. Having a bad experience of being to emotionally arrested at buying a M size ZARA shirt once without trying the S and totally regretted , I taught I learned my lesson. So I pandai pandai go and ask the staff to check whether any other ESPRIT outlets are holding L and M sizes for this coat. Apparently the nearest is KLCC.

So, I damm champion persuaded rebecca to zoom out of 1U with me and take the lrt to KLCC from kelana jaya at 6.30p.m. We both reached at 7.00 , me with the highest HOPE and we rushed to ESPRIT to look for this coat. Once I got my hands on it ..I saw the price tag and it was lyke being hit by a BIG TRAIN. RM 329. What the F? and I summo dare ask the staff.. cuz I was not in the right state of mind "What? is this the right price tag.. its 100 at 1U". The woman was looking at me and I think she was probably thinking what kinda dumbfounded arse I am. YeS!! I felt like an idiot with a capital I that moment. How can an ESPRIT coat cost RM 100 in malaysia? The woman stoned for a while and answered blankly back, " i THINK u looked at the price tag of the tee underneath the coat".

Once the woman answered , both of us just stoned there , me with the jacket in my hand and rebecca staring blankly at me. OMG!!!!!!! that did not just happen, we did'nt take the train all the way here from kelana only to find out that the coat cost RM 329, we must be dreaming. That did not just happen, rebecca was lyke "i did'nt just got into this with winnie" and I was lyke " How can I be soooo "SMART"" . wow!~!! unbelievable. Both of us just stoned and look at each other and then a few minutes later burst out in laughter. Rebecca said to me that if only she had persuaded me to buy the M size at the 1U outlet then at least at the counter I will realize the coat is soo over my range of budget at that moment and we would'nt have pulled such an unreasonable, crazy or rather stupid stunt all the way to KLCC.

She wondered how the hell can she be soo unreasonable that day to even agree to take the lrt with me to klcc to get the coat and how the hell could she think that the coat is worth a 100 bucks (like me)? Apparently, that is cuz when she saw me soo passionate about that coat she completely forgot to double check the price and trusted I was a 100% sure it was that cheap. HAHAHAHA. As for why she even agreed to accompany me : she said " If it was'nt for you, my best buddy I would'nt have agreed to gila with u, if It was any other person I would say go yourself" . So Rebecca , if you're reading this THANX a BUNCH for GILAing with me hahhaaha.

We were really stoning there and laughing in disbelieve and until we finally came to our senses. We figured since we are already here might as well put on the coat and cam whore a lil. BUT NO!! it just gets better and better, when things go wrong they can get really wrong. I LEFT MY HP in the car and rebecca's Hp was damm cacat at taking pics. SO, I GIVE UP, maybe the good god is out to get me that day. I just turned to rebecca and said, "Lets do something that will make this trip here worth while. Lets go eat dinner at california pizza". So, I ended up spending her dinner there as her 21st b'day present. The peking duck pizza was nice and the chocolate souffle was yummy!!! slurps. All in all still a night to remember.. at least we did something meaningful. We dragged our arses to the lrt station at 8.30p.m .. 30 min train ride ..chit chatted all the way back. What a day!!!

DAY 5 (today)

I am currently very guilty+ SUPERDUPER broke = the more reason to stay home and yes! STUDY. fair enough 4 days of shopping and 3 days of study BUT I have an itch to go explore PAVILLION in KL and I can't forget about the damm ESPRIT COAT!! So I decided to ajak my mum to go shop hehehhehe... sly lehh. Dun get me wrong I am just planing to ask her to take a look at it, not buy it. I am not that evil, I just hope the coat can wait till monday soo I can withdraw money to get that pretty baby. She offered to buy me the Levis jeans as my pressie though.. hrpmhh jeans or coat? I think jeans better.. its malaysia why the hell do i need the coat for now. HARR!! I learn my lesson from yesterday NEVER BE TO EMOTIONALLY ARRESTED>>>>. Anyways, tak jadi go PAVILLION cuz as we were bout to leave the doorstep of my house , its raining cats and dogs. SOOOO... I stayed home and play mastermind with the 2 barbarians (aka my siblings). Can u believe that? and got bored and started blogging here and its dinner time now. So, hafta end my nagging and granma stories...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Novak the crowd loves you..........

Yesterday certainly has'nt been novak's day. He did good but federer was better, probably cuz it was nerve wrecking for novak as it was his first grandslam final. Federer had been through this too many times..he was DEAD CALM. Novak had a lead on the 1st set but double faulted a couple of times in the end and handed off the first set to roger. Novak told the press that he was mentally weaker than roger and that's why he lost this time. Yah its understandable, give this kid some time and he will beat the hell outta federer one day. Federer narrowly won the first 2 sets both with tie breakers. Federer won by 7-6, 7-6, 6-4. It was a pretty tight match, Novak has certainly shown the world that he is capable of beating federer one day.

What an impressive crowd that showed up. The US open is now the highest attended sporting event in the world. Among the celebs spotted in the stadium that day were robin williams, Robert de niro....and surprise surprise maria sharapova was sitting in the novak's box cheering for him. I was watching the entire match and the camera just turned to maria a couple of times. Give that woman a break she's just cheering for her homecountry friend. People might think sharapova and nadal might be furious after novak's live impersonation on court a few days ago, but clearly sharapova is not. She was cheering and that makes people suspicious. Hrm... is there a little crush going on and the fact that novak did a pretty good impersonation of maria that means he has been watching her play moves quite a lot. Yeah well, if there is something going on, good for them they make a pretty cute couple.

No doubt Roger is the greatest tennis player, with 12 grandslams to his name now, he is looking forward to break the record of the legendary pete sampras with 14 grandslams. With the consistent performance he delivers, there is a very high probability that by next year's US open he might be in the running to break sampras's record. With his win yesterday, Federer became the only man to have won three of four Grand Slam singles tournaments in the same year three times, repeating his achievements of 2004, 2006 and 2007 . He achieved all 12 grandslams only at the age of 26 and took only 5 years to achieve it. He's NOT HUMAN.........
Grand Slam results (Federer)
Australian Open (W ) Year: 2004, 2006, 2007
French Open (F) Year: 2006, 2007
Wimbledon (W) Year: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
U.S. Open (W) Year: (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)

I read the interview below and I find it soo true that Roger Federer plays GREAT tennis but he plays it with no personality . Novak has a lot of CHARISMA !! charisma YAH thats the right word. Like i said in my previous posting there are two kinds of players: (1)those that play for themselves and (2)those that play for the crowd. Federer, henin and kuznetsova falls in category 1 and novak just has the balance. He plays good tennis with some personality and charisma to it. What a character Novak is on and off court. He was just smilling even though he loss the title , unlike kuznetsova, her face was sour like a soursop . Even when he was on the verge of losing the title he just smiles and shakes his head most of the time. The president of USTA said to him "Novak you may not have won the tournament, but you have won our hearts". Yes, he did.

After he did the sharapova-nadal impersonation on US open Live he said:
"They made me do it," a smiling Djokovic said in the interview room. "I'm really happy the people accepted it in a positive way. I'm not trying to make fun of the players, just to make the people laugh and have a good time." Djokovic said he's been doing impersonations for years, always in private, "but now that I'm the No. 3 player in the world, people see these things on the practice court or wherever. I think tennis needs players with a lot of emotions, temperament and personality. I'm happy that people are looking at me in this way." -Djokovic-

Very well said indeed Novak. Watch Novak's impersonation on other tennis players.....he killed everyone's reputation. I laughed my tears out. The interview below had federer commenting about what novak did in the locker room. I posted the video below on what he did hahaha...he killed federer's coolness right there. Novak made him look like a weird sissy. HAHAHAHA!!!

September 9, 2007, 9:25 pm
Novak on Maria, De Niro and Set Points; Roger on Novak, Yellow and Playing Pete
By Kathleen McElroy

Tags: Maria Sharapova, novak djokovic, Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic is so funny in English, he must be a riot in Serbian. Here are the highlights of his and Federer’s post-match news conferences. Federer responds to a question about Djokovic’s personality, and announces an exhibition with Pete Sampras at Madison Square Garden on March 10, 2008.

Questions to Djokovic:

Q. How long will those seven set points haunt you?
A. My next book is going to be called, “7 Set Points.” I’m joking. …

Q. Maria Sharapova was in your box and also Robert De Niro. What are those two relationships with you? [Novak smiles] Somebody had to ask.
A. Yeah, I was expecting that question in the first place. No, let’s not go too much with Maria. It’s just a friendship we have. It was nice for her to come and support me. as well, Robert, he was yesterday on the match, and today. I mean, it’s amazing feeling to see such successful people, you know, in my box supporting me, playing with me I can say, living every emotional moment. It’s great. It’s great.

Q. What does she think of your imitation?
A. She said she’s going to kill me. Of course, she accepted it in the right way. Of course, she found it funny, not offended.

Q. How did you meet Robert De Niro? Did he just show up in your box?
A. I met him randomly on the street. I was sitting in a bar. He was coming, smoking a cigarette [smiling]. No, no. We were invited — I went with a couple of players, Ana Ivanovic, we got invited from he and his wife to dinner. …

Q. While it’s true that how you play physically depends on how you play mentally, if for the sake of examining your game, you could separate the physical from the mental part, do you feel your game is right there with Roger physically right now?
A. You’re getting into really deep, philsophic questions.

Q. You’re a deep guy.
A. I am deep. [Pause.] Let me think. …

Q. You came into this tournament not well-known by the American tennis fans except as the guy you beat Rafa, Roddick and Federer in Montreal. As they said in the awards ceremony, you stole our hearts. Do you have a sense of really what you’ve done? You said you’re very happy with what you’ve done on and off the court.
A. Yeah, well, as you’re saying, I mean I’m listening to you and I’m sweating because I feel really flattered and emotional in that moment when I heard that at the ceremony when they told me that I stole their hearts. Even when I didn’t win that match, for me, it was very, very emotional.
To get, you know, American people behind you, especially a crowd here in U.S. Open, is not so easy. Obviously they like my character on and off the court. So I get a lot of compliments on my impersonation, more than I get on tennis. I was a bit worried if the people look at me as, you know, imitator more than a tennis player.
But it was all nice. You know, I made a lot of friends here in the States. It’s gonna be a big pleasure coming next year for sure. Really looking forward to it.

Q. You said throughout this you take positives, you learn from matches. Tangibly what did you take from this match, learn about your game or yourself?
A. Well, I learned that I need to win the set points, obviously [smiling], that I shouldn’t play it safe or risk too much.
But, you know, it’s a part of tennis, of course. As I was saying, I always learn something. I have to look in a positive way. I’ll try, of course — with my coach, in the first place, all the people around me — to do everything I can to improve my game and to, of course, see this match again and see what I did bad and what I need to practice so I can make a better success next time.

Questions to Federer:

Q. … I see you’re wearing your black [outfit] tonight, an afternoon match. Also walking in to the Darth Vader theme song. How much of that is you? How much of that is other people? What do you think of all of that.
A. Look, in the end I call the shots on what I want to wear. If they want to put me out in yellow, I don’t do it [laughter]. I’ve done those mistakes in the past. I don’t want to do it again. But I thought all black is kind of a cool thing. I can only pull it off in New York. I started wearing the jacket at Wimbledon, kind of bringing something new to the Open, because I see many shirts out there I don’t like. I just want to make sure that one guy dresses kind of normal out there.
… I kind of like the idea of having a day-session, a night-session outfit. They’re really nice and classical shirts. I just thought, you know, even the black shoes and black socks, I’m not the biggest fans of them, but you have to complete the outfit.

Q. When you were down in the first set, what did you try to focus on? What went through your mind at that moment, down 40-love?
A. I thought he was going to serve another big serve and I would be out of a set, really. At this point, you have no hope. It’s obvious, you know.

Q. Do you see the potential for a rivalry with Djokovic along with Nadal?
A. Very possible, you know. Honestly, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of young guys challenging me. This is probably my biggest motivation out there. You know, seeing them challenge me, beating them in the final, it’s really for me the best feeling, to be honest [smiles].

Q. Novak obviously has a lot of charisma off the court. He sort of won over the fans, and here in the media room, he’s very funny and [a] quick wit. What do the players think of him? What’s his reputation among the players on tour? What do you think of his personality?
A. Well, we don’t talk too much about different players.

Q. What do you think of his personality?
A. Well, in the locker room, he’s always very respectful toward me, you know. He’s pretty quiet. I only hear stuff. I didn’t see the stuff he did on court the other day. I didn’t see what apparently he did on the locker room either [that’s the YouTube skit mentioned in the game story; it took place in the Open men’s locker room].
For me, these things, you know, I only hear. But people don’t really talk about it. I know some guys weren’t happy. I know some guys might think it’s funny.
He’s walking a tightrope, for sure. If fans like it, it’s good for tennis, to be honest. It’s good to have a character like him out there, there’s no doubt.
[All of this said with no expression on his face.] ****

Q. This morning I heard a suggestion that you could be playing an exhibition early next year against Pete Sampras in the U.S. What’s the story on that?
A. Yeah, well, we gonna play exo’s obviously in Seoul, Korea, Kuala Lumpur and also Macau at the end of the year after Shanghai [ the season-ending championships], three of them in a row.
The idea came along obviously to do it in the States as well. We’re going to play March 10 at Madison Square Garden here. I’m really looking forward to that. We’ll see how the first three matches go. Hopefully, I don’t have to come from behind, huh [smile]?